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What do you do with stress and insomnia?

Six tips to help you sleep better

Stress is a burden on our minds. There are so many factors that affect us today, so many things can cause us stress. However, stress can lead to poor sleep and even insomnia. So, what about stress and insomnia The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!?

Learn to relax

Learn to relax and do a little self-relaxation while you can't sleep. If lie flat on the bed, spread the limbs, let the whole body loosen, the hand and foot force 3 seconds immediately relaxed, so repeatedly. Also can lay down, upper body on the body side, lower limbs apart and shoulder width, body relax, inhale imagine outside air from the navel, exhale think internal qi scattered, flows through the limb from the heart out of the body.

Maintain a good routine

People with insomnia are better off not taking a nap, because it further disrupts the already disorganized sleep patterns. In addition, too full or too hungry, drinking coffee and other stimulant beverages such as tea, smoking and so on are not conducive to sleep, and must avoid these before going to bed. Stay up late is more important, must maintain a good routine.

Balance therapy

The special effects are selected from many famous herbs, and the targeted treatment can be treated by combining TCM essence, qi, shen theory and psychotherapy. Keep brain nerves, hysteresis, polyester phlegm turbidity qi guide, improve brain function, and adjust the body balance of Yin and Yang to rationalize viscera function, guarantee the reasonable operation of qi-blood, effectively improve the patient's own immune system, improve the ability of patients with brain nerve cells to repair themselves and their own immunity, eliminate the symptoms of various diseases.

Conditions suggested

The bed is a signal of sleep, and the habit of not lying in bed. Because of disease restriction activity, can prepare a special pillow for sleeping use, had better embroider a few water lilies. Bathing feet, pajamas, misty lights, listening to a soothing, soothing, light music that is used to help you fall asleep.

Adjust the mood

Build confidence and confidence. For reasonable and effective method to overcome insomnia, insomnia is not a serious illness, 1 day less sleep a few hours or days do not have what relation, don't believe that it is too serious, believe it in their own life will cause bad effect, many friends insomnia a few years, also didn't see how much more of their lives are random.

Free association

Close your eyes and imagine a free relaxation scenarios, such as forest do you like, then imagine yourself in the forest breathing the fresh air, do you like the sea, and it's easier to imagine himself at the seaside for a walk, the sea breeze blowing straight, kissed your face, very comfortable, and so on. This will help you relax and get into sleep faster.