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Let children have an international perspective

Tencent abroad: Tencent video you netizens Hello everyone, welcome to Tencent abroad broadcast. Now sitting next to me is respect school principals. Tell us about your school first with the friends of our Tencent video PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. PolyU Optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong..
Jing Pei: Tencent video viewers Hello, I am Daluodui school principals in China, Dalu Middle School is also the school manager Pei Pei. Our school is located in Changping, a 9-12 year American private boarding school, this year is the second year of enrollment.
Tencent to go abroad: What kind of interview need to go through your school?
Respect: Our school enrollment this year is to recruit three ninth grade classes, each class 12 students, enrollment conditions are written and interview, written test is divided into English and math, English is the word, reading comprehension, grammar, math is the application mathematics. We will do creative interviewing sessions. For example, on the second open weekend last weekend, we had an interview with six groups of interviews with students in the room, a computer and charting software, paper, pens and chairs And other tools, so that they can answer how to move Mount Fuji, look at the teamwork ability of students and their innovative manufacturing capabilities Dream beauty pro.
Tencent abroad: this interview or interview with the ordinary there is a certain difference, or more distinctive.
Yes, we interviewed the interviewer after the interview to judge the scores, one of them is marked by a child after finishing the game, he is the only one to stay and put all the chairs back in place, this Students are also the youngest children, 13 years old, although the worst written test scores, but also our only admission day student.
Tencent abroad: when we admitted not just to read the written test scores, there may be some details on the concern.
Yes, to see if this student is curious about our school, his creativity throughout the process and whether there is something that can impress us.
Tencent abroad: students after special interviews into the school will encounter what characteristic courses?
Respect: Daluo High School 80 years of original project-based learning methods. This summer we have two project teams, a group of 6-8 students, one is done uniforms design, from budget to make a version of the scene and set the fabric to the logo settings are made by the students themselves, as well as The second phase of campus expansion projects are all in English, to connect to English, mathematics, including design and a series of interdisciplinary project-based learning methods.
Tencent to go abroad: No matter what course the ultimate goal is to send students to the overseas schools they want to go to help apply for elite schools in this area is how to do?
Jing Pei: The United States especially the more sophisticated, like many of our parents now want their children to go to, the United States ranked relatively comprehensive school examinations to see these schools enrollment requires us to find the more advanced school enrollment The more requirements, the top 30 schools each require an interview, may not be the first 50. In the process of planning applications must be customized process, the students need to know very clearly what kind of school you want to go to what kind of school, want to go to what kind of professional, his own match with the school where So that after he had passed the standardized exam, he could really stand out from the paperwork and interview Dream beauty pro.
Tencent abroad: for a student's education should actually be three areas, family, school and society, this education is not just a matter of this school, parents should be how to train children to have children with an international perspective Or the concept of internationalization?
Jing Pei: This is what I now go back to school to explore things, I coached the United States over the past few years found that the problem is not so significant, and now 60 and 70 after the parents with 95, 00 after the children in international education They, regardless of their ideology, the level of awareness and the difficulty of communication, are quite steep. Often, we are working as a parent and we have to go online with a series of parent classes at the end of the month so that we can help parents better help their children to help them better. Know yourself and be able to explore their more internationalized course of study later. In many cases, parents in China are either too trustworthy or too trusting in schools. It seems that it is hard to find a balance. Most domestic parents show a very anxious and fearful situation when their children study abroad. I say you guys like our project-based learning, but life is full of projects. Today I came to this education show, I also found that all of them are parents come, may be 5 groups of parents to have a group with children over.
Tencent abroad: This should be parents and children to participate.
To be sure, they can work together. Among the children themselves, there are fewer tasks to be accomplished than their parents and their own investigations. They themselves can understand the educational environment, system and support they provide each school. When the teacher's support should be like this process, when you put such a flip experience into the actual life, I think it is only for children to truly develop their mastery of a mode of thinking, to study independently, Independent exploration, independent pursuit of their own really loved favorite learning environment, the way of learning, to be able to contribute to their own achievements in society.
Tencent abroad: in the future how to guide parents to complete family education is also a key school planning.
Jing Pei: Yes, we can combine parent education with the students' linkages to the surrounding social environment. This is why we attach great importance. Every Wednesday morning, our students go to volunteer service in the surrounding nursing homes. They teach old people how to use new electronic products in the special high-end 7-star elderly community, and go to the public welfare nursing home to give more support to some materials. They are spontaneous to organize, very consistent system of public service.
Tencent abroad: Thank you Dream beauty pro.