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Carry out the core measurement of discipline research

Discipline core literacy and academic quality standards, is the revision of the high school curriculum standards two major innovations. After high school students study in the same discipline, the level of development of core literatures varies. It is also reflected in differences in the quality of academic studies. This needs to be based on the requirement of educating students and students' different development needs and on the basis of respecting the physical and mental characteristics of students Determine the different levels of academic quality to reflect the status of core literacy development Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

The academic quality of each subject is determined based on the level of core literacy of the subject. Therefore, ensuring the scientific nature of the core competence of the subject is the precondition of ensuring the academic quality standard. Based on the characteristics of high school education, cognitive development of students and characteristics of subject education, the revision team first classifies core competence of different disciplines into different levels, and then classifies the 3-5 grades of academic quality according to the content of the subject. In order to test the scientific nature of the level of core literacy in different disciplines from an empirical perspective, an integrated testing group and testing groups of various disciplines were set up and core literacy tests of various disciplines were conducted between 2015 and 2016.

First, the development of core competency assessment framework and proposition guidelines to ensure the scientific structure of the test Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!

Based on the full understanding of the scientific connotation of the discipline core literacy and the latest development trend of the international assessment, the disciplinary testing team developed the core core competence test framework and the proposition guideline, which clearly defined the purpose, test basis, proposition requirement, title information table, Examples of sample questions, etc., unified understanding of subject proposition team to ensure that the proposition and test work is scientific and effective. At the same time, the overall structure of the subject core competence, subject content, subject test situations, task types, the number of topics and so on, to ensure the scientific proposition thought and proposition structure.

For example, context is one of the key features of the discipline's core literacy proposition. For example, the subjects of the whole design of the individual experience situation, social life situation and subject cognitive situation, the English subject as a whole to design a personal context, the public Situation, education situation, career situation and so on.

Second, the formation of the core requirements based on the qualifications and examples of propositions and strengthen the quality of propositions review

Subjects through the topic information table, examples and other examples to guide the scientific development of the proposition. The examples of each sample include the following basic information: the subject of the text, the type of the subject, the requirements for answering the questions, the core qualities of the subject under examination, the subject content involved, the context involved, the estimation of the level of accomplishment, the degree of difficulty estimation, , Source of material (consider copyright), raw materials (if test questions are not original), etc.

The subjects based on core literacy proposition mainly embodies the following basic characteristics: First, multi-angle design test scenarios, with the real situation for the students in the core performance test of the discipline to provide "stage"; Second, the core of the core literacy for the performance of the core design of the real Of the learning task, so that students in the process of solving problems performance literacy; Third, pay attention to the development of open questions, to provide students with different levels of performance space.

In order to ensure the quality of the propositions of various disciplines, the MOE Examination Center organizes the professional examination on the written test questions of various disciplines, examines the adequacy of the examination questions on the definition of core literacy and the level of the subject, and at the same time provides scientific, political and normative examination questions To check. Overall, the exam review experts agree that most of the propositions reflect a high quality.

Third, science to carry out practical testing, according to the true results of students to improve the core connotation and level of discipline

In order to ensure the representativeness of the test samples and comprehensively consider a variety of factors, 13 unified testing disciplines selected more than 36,000 high school students from about 70 high schools in 5 provinces and municipalities for testing. Other self-test subjects selected 60 schools in 19 provinces and cities nationwide, about 4300 people participated in the test. In the marking process, through the selection of marking experts, the development of a manual marking, to determine the test cutting program and marking parameters, training and marking alternate, double scoring and a series of measures to ensure scoring scientific.

Comprehensive analysis of students' real test results and the default level, most of the core content of the core content of the expression, the different levels of performance characteristics and the actual evaluation results reflect the good consistency. However, the connotation of the core literacy of various disciplines, the level requirements are also based on the actual test results were adjusted to varying degrees. mainly:

One is to improve the level of substantiation of the core literacy level of the discipline. The real performance of students provides the specific situations and the key verbs of performance for the level description of core literacy of disciplines. All of these make up for the lack of relative abstraction of experts' preset level expression and enrich the visual angle and operability of the description of literacy level.

Second, some disciplines adjusted the level of core literacy levels. Some subjects have been tested to reduce the number of levels or to combine two existing levels, such as sports and fitness, and Chinese.

Third, some disciplines appropriately lower or raise the level of difficulty of some literacy requirements. For example, according to the test results of mathematics, it is found that the requirements of level one are slightly higher than those of many students, and the requirements of level one are moderately lowered.

In short, the discipline core literacy test research, is an empirical study of the subject science standard, appropriateness. This study not only fully proved that most of the core competence of the discipline is measurable and measurable, but also explored the written and non-written test methods that point to the core competence of the discipline. This research has accumulated valuable experience for the future based on the evaluation of core competence. Subject core literacy test research, but also promote the revision of the theoretical deduction and empirical research to ensure the scientific division of the level, which is also an innovation in the development of curriculum standards. Different levels of core literacy and the determination of academic quality level, but also to standard curriculum standards from the basic standard into a standard, so that the curriculum standards not only focus on the basic requirements of all students, but also to meet the different levels of development of different students requirements, which in China Course standard development history also has a major milestone The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale.!